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Since April 2018, Bitcoin Cash developers have been creating applications that are similar to social media and forum platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. They wanted to create something that will allow people to connect, discuss, and earn money without any difficulties that comes with the centralized social media platforms. BCH-based applications such as Memo, Blockpress, Keyport, and Matter offer censorship-proof versions of these social media giants and protect freedom of speech.

Massive censorship on large social media has been rampant this year. Since the beginning of October, Facebook has removed hundreds of pages and profiles that regularly post about alternative news. The aggressive censorship has caused many people to start searching for other platforms that allow free speech. What they might not know is that the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem already has a few applications that are similar to the dominant online forums and social media platforms. The difference is they are free of censorship and literally everything is stored on-chain which requires a minimal miner fee (around 1/3rd of a US cent 0.0035$)

Memo.cash is an on-chain social network built on the Bitcoin Cash network. The platform is both a protocol and a front-end application that uses the BCH chain to store written data. The application arrived on the scene first during the second week of April offering users to create a profile which is tied to a specific BCH address and a public/private key pair to post text, animations, pictures, URLs, and videos, while also setting a custom profile. Much like Twitter, there is a limit of 217 characters that can be used per post. A feature that sets Memo.cash apart from other social media platforms is the ability to tip posts using BCH. This allows content creators to reap the benefits of their work rather than giant corporate entities.

Blockpress application is a mixture of Twitter and Facebook. Compared to the Memo.cash, it has a much better graphic interface and is more user-friendly. The amount of characters a user can post is limited. Just like Memo, the Blockpress application only allows 217 characters per post. Blockpress allows people to create, share and connect with each other without intermediaries. Also has a section of communities where people can discuss video games, politics, philosophy and other topics.

Keyport is a peer to peer messaging app that allows people to connect with friends, family, and coworkers. The Keyport platform is a service that provides users with the ability to send and receive encrypted messages built on top of the BCH chain. The protocol is built over the decentralized blockchain and third parties cannot block your chats. Only the recipient can decrypt the message, making the messaging service hard to censor. Each encrypted or decrypted message requires a small amount of BCH dust plus the miner fee.

Matter is decentralized blogging platform that allows its users to write a long form threads. Posts can be formatted with images and other tools. Matter also has native tipping abilities and uses the BCH chain’s OP_Return capabilities as well. The Matter’s creators recently added the ability to reply to posts and users can tip the replies too. The application is not yet popular as Blockpress and Memo, but it’s constantly being improved and has a great potential.

As long as social media giants like Facebook and Twitter continue to remove content they don’t approve, more people will search for platforms without prohibition. With current social media networks, users do not control their data and can have their accounts removed without reason. The blochchain is not just an uncensorable way to send money, it is an uncensorable way to send data.


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