What would be the Predicted Prices of Ethereum Classic for the Next Six Months?

What would be the Predicted Prices of Ethereum Classic for the Next Six Months?
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Cryptocurrencies are developing at a rapid pace. It has shaken the global market since its inception and many governments are trying to incorporate into their financial plans, however, some of them have decided to regulate as well. Irrespective of the government action, many individuals and private investors are excited about its development and how it will benefit their future.

A number of cryptocurrencies came into existence after the Bitcoin and are successfully developing. Ethereum Classic is one of them that was launched in July 2017 with a price as low as $2.2 USD. It showed an incredible improvement along with its family, Ethereum. The growth was pretty dramatic and there was an increase in value over the period of five months till December. The price reached at its peak on 21st December 2017 with a rate of $42.72. However, there were fluctuations since then which gained the attraction of many investors.

This cryptocurrency is an Open source blockchain in which there are a number of features added. The smart contract is one of them. These features provide the user with decentralized computing which the currency uses as a symbol of exchange.

The predictions

Cryptocurrency is a volatile asset. It changes very abruptly which requires the investors to remain alert all the time. Same is the scenario with Ethereum Classic. The price in January was $35 and the predictions till ending of 2018 is pretty positive. It is anticipated to reach a value of $165 by the end of this year.

Nevertheless, here is a more detailed prediction of how the value would change within these six months. The value is anticipated to reach $ 43.3 by the end of March 2018, which is a positive trend.

The trend is increasing month by month and is a clear positive sign for investors of this currency. However, the prices are very volatile. It can even lose 25% of its value just in a day. But it will surely remain in the next month’s then.

Ethereum Classic has made several comebacks since it has been released and the community is developing at a swift pace. The prices have surged by 30% since then and it is elevating only. As of six months, the price is predicted to reach a value of $94 which is again a 200% rise in its value.


These currencies are volatile and are subject to frequent changes. It changes in a matter of time. This technology is already advancing at a very fast rate. Similarly, the value of Ethereum Classic is increasing as well. Experts have predicted that its value will rise up to $810 and $510 by the end of 2019 and 2020 respectively. However, these are just predictions. There is no certainty that this will happen for sure. It is a bubble that is inflating quickly but it is possible that it might burst as well. This requires the cryptocurrency enthusiast to be vigilant.

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