5 simple steps to transfer your Bitcoins into your wallet

5 simple steps to transfer your Bitcoins into your wallet
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Digital currencies exist only electronically. All you can view is a record of transactions from one address to another. The real question that remains is: how to transfer Bitcoins from coinbase to wallet? If you want to transfer them into real wallet, then there are several ways to do so. Here is a list of some of them:

Cash it out online

This procedure entails interaction with potential buyers by using an interceding website. You have to select an appropriate financial service, create a seller account and complete the verification method to begin with your account. Some services may freeze the Bitcoins if you are involved in any fraudulent activity. The website will transfer the cryptocurrency to buyer when you get paid. Coinbase is one financial service where you can transfer the Bitcoins for free.

Cash it out offline

Cash it out offline
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If you want to get involved in a more direct process and avoid third party service, then meet a potential trade partner in person. There are several service that would detect your location and display offers in your region.

LocalBitcoins and Mycelium are two services that can assist you with this process. You can even find potential buyers on other special digital currency forums however you cannot find the buyer’s reputation hereby. You are at the risk of losing money by dealing with someone you don’t know.

Trading exchanges

There are several Bitcoin trading exchanges as well. You need to open an account there and place an order. State the type of currency you want to sell and define your requirements. The exchange service will complete the transaction when a similar order is found.

Kraken and Bitfinex are two reputable names of services that supports a multitude of digital currencies. However, there is some sort of trading fee involved.

Digital currency convertors

There are several exchange services that allows you to convert your digital money into dollars and other currencies. You need to determine the currency, its amount and what currency you want in return. When the transaction is completed, you can withdraw the cash from one of the services offered by the website. There are several convertors, make sure you go for the reliable one in order to avoid fraud.

Electronic payment systems

One can perform the conversion and all relevant operations using one multifunctional electronic payment system. One can open an account and withdraw money using a prepaid debit card. This will allow you to avoid a number of excessive charges. Some systems even allow you to store cryptocurrencies. Such systems are made to save money and time as well.

These were some ways in which your Bitcoins can be converted into real wallet. Cash them out at a reasonable price and in a preferable method that is consistent with your needs and demands. It can be a great investment given the fact that digital currencies are increasing in value at a rapid pace and will continue to do so.

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