Simple steps to buy neo cryptocurrency

Simple steps to buy neo cryptocurrency
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We all are aware of the prevalence of cryptocurrencies in this day and age. Digital currencies are at is rise. One of them is NEO which was previously known as Antshares, founded in 2014. It was a way to bring smart contracts and exchange of digital assets together. Currently it has market cap of over $1.45 billion.

The long-term objective of NEO is amalgamation of traditional economy with digital economy which would form something called ‘Smart Economy’. It aims to use blockchain to manage smart assets in a secure and efficient manner that not company has done it so far.

Smart Economy

Smart Economy
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The basic objective behind Smart Economy is to combine digital assets and smart contracts into one. Through this, NEO is focused on Internet of Value that will allow flow of assets with limited resistance. The economic frontier is open to all meaning that it would form a decentralized currency. There will no central authority like the government right now. The rules, policies and organization will be transparent to all.

NEO has the capability to facilitate millions of transactions regularly through the decentralized distributed ledger. This will convince banks and companies to evaluate the ways they perform their business operations.

How to buy NEO cryptocurrency?

We have seen a rise in Bitcoin which is the most popular digital currency right now but NEO is no less. With its rise in the previous years, many investors have considered this option. But how do you buy NEO cryptocurrency? Here are the simple steps:

Get a NEO wallet

NEO wallet is the first thing you must do. The most logical place to get it is for the website as it features web, desktop and mobile versions. However there are other options as well. But make sure you don’t get into any scam. Here are some of the places where you can gain access to NEO wallet as well:

  • The official NEO Wallet
  • NEON Wallet
  • NEO Tracker Wallet
  • NEO Wallet
  • NEOWallet
  • NEO Paper Wallet

Find an exchange

NEO can be purchased from a wide number of exchanges and should be transferred to one of the secure NEO wallets that have been discussed above. Here are some of the exchanges that offer NEO purchases:

  • Bittrex
  • Bitfinex
  • HitBTC
  • Binance
  • Cryptopia

Withdraw your funds

Once you have purchased your coins, it is always recommendable to withdraw your funds. It is considered as the best practice, to have full ownership of your coins in a wallet that gives you control over private keys. Once the coins are secure in your wallet, you have successfully completed the procedure of buying NEO cryptocurrency.


It was considered as one of the best investments in 2017 as the increase in its value was remarkable. The long-term appreciation have benefited the investors a lot. Since this currency has the potential to transform economic transactions through the concept of Smart Economy, it could really influence the future and redefine the way world operates in the context of finance.

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