What is Bitcoin zebra and how to use it?

What is Bitcoin zebra and how to use it?
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We all know digital currencies at its peak. There have been a dramatic increase in its value over the past few year. Given its tremendous usage, we have discussed enough about its mining and other aspects. But what about Bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are reward systems like Bitcoin zebra give rewards in form of tiny Bitcoin fractions to the visitors who claim them. These rewards are dispensed at specific intervals of time.

How to use Bitcoin zebra?

How to use Bitcoin zebra?
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There are many Bitcoin faucets out there but why should we use them? There are certain rewards in place which attracts visitors to the faucet’s webpage. These sites usually contain advertisements. Advertisers pay the owners money to display these ads. So more the visitors, the site owner gets more money.

But that is not the only reason. It even plays a more important role in ecosystem of Bitcoin zebra. Bitcoin units given in faucets like Bitcoin zebra have negligible value. Majority of them who claim such rewards are only beginners who are still learning about Bitcoins.

Using Bitcoin zebra is fairly simple. The primary reason for using them is you get rewards even though of less value. However, you just have to visit the faucet’s webpage and enter bitcoin wallet address and the email ID associated with it. A timer will start counting once you have entered the details. You can claim the reward by pressing ‘claim now’ button. That is all. You will claim the reward in this way. You will receive the reward on Bitcoin zebra immediately or in intervals.

Finding Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets
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We know that Bitcoin zebra is one of the faucet but where can we find more? This is as simple as finding something else on the Google. Search engines are at your service in this context. You can simply find them by searching for Bitcoin faucet on Google or any other search engine you want to choose. The number of results you will view is pretty surprising. You will see that there are hundreds of Bitcoin faucets to choose from. You can visit each of them, which is not technically possible, but try ahead and explore them. You will learn about value of Satoshi and earn few of them while exploring it. Every faucet may be designed in a different manner. Some examples other than Bitcoin zebra are Moon Bitcoin, 777 Bitcoin and Freebitcoin. Even these are slowly gaining popularity.


It is evident that Bitcoin is at its peak and more people are looking for Bitcoin faucets like Bitcoin zebra to get maximum rewards and benefit out of it. Bitcoin zebra is certainly the most popular out of all and is accessible in all countries. There is misconception that might have to pay a certain fee to get access to faucets. This is just a misconception. It is absolutely free that is why they are considered as rewards. And this is what makes it a bit beneficial faucet.

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