Top Blockchain startups to take a look at

Top Blockchain startups to take a look at
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Blockchain startups are getting more and more popularity in recent times. In fact the hype that has been created is just because of the support for it. We have witnessed a number of technologies that has imposed substantial influence on the world but very few can match the enthusiasm that has been demonstrated for blockchain technology.

There is a misconception that Bitcoin and Blockchain are two same things. In fact there is a clear demarcation. Blockchain is a medium to record and store Bitcoin transactions but Blockchain in itself has more uses and benefits.

They are distributed public ledgers accepting inputs from distinct parties. But ledger can only be edited by a number of authorized personnel. Each participant hereby has a unique identity and each identity has specified permissions to do or not to do something.

This makes it a decentralized control. Nevertheless, there are many other potential uses of Blockchain and many startups have stated utilizing it. Here are some of them who have entered the field with sheer enthusiasm.


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Ethereum can rather be considered as an emerging platform than a new startup. It is the leading blockchain platform with over 50% market share and many companies are Ethereum based now. The software platform has allowed a number of smart contracts. The programming language has allowed developers to build applications without fraud, interference and control from a third party.


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This is a distributed storage cloud that utilizes unused storage space on individual computers and server farms for cryptographic tokens which are managed by blockchain. The providers of storage are called miners and they receive Filecoin in exchange for allowing the storage to be used by customers who are also termed as clients.

Power ledger

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In peer-to-peer marketplace for consumers to trade renewable energy, Power Ledger has played a major role. The transactional environment for trade of this energy from owners to customers is provided through this platform.


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Video games are no more traditional now. There is a dramatic growth in sale of in-game items now. Many online games like DOTA 2 allows the players to buy gear with actual cash. DMarket is a marketplace which allows gamers to trade virtual items from any game on any platform. The mechanism that has been adopted behind its operation is one of a blockchain. This is why this startup is getting popular as the time progresses. Since video games are getting more popular, this platform gains more recognition.


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Enigma is a peer-to-peer network that enable different parties to run joint stores and computations on data while maintaining data privacy. It allows better analysis of consumer data by the companies without giving employees access to individual consumers personal information. The computational mode is highly optimized and guarantees privacy. The blockchain is utilized to secure the network.


These were just few startups. There are hundreds of them utilizing the technology in different manners. You can search on the Internet about them.

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