Why should you buy these undervalued Altcoins?

Why should you buy these undervalued Altcoins?
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It is pretty clear that digital currencies are prevalent in this day and age. Bitcoin is one popular example of it. But there are other currencies as well which have successfully made their place in the digital market. These are alternatives to Bitcoins termed Altcoins.

From Ethereum to Dash, there is a variety of Altcoins soaring the digital market. But not all of them are given the value it deserves. This article will deal with two specific Altcoins that are undervalued and could be on verge of escalating upward. Here you go.

NoLimitCoin (NLC2)

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According to the Coinmarketcap, NLC2 stands on the 98th position which is pretty low. However it is still an achievement to make it to the top 100, since it starts getting attention. Once it hits the top 50, it will be evaluated by a whole bunch of investors. While many Altcoins are deprived of success, NLC2 is exploding upwards. It has successfully gained 3% in the past day as of now.

The reason why it must be taken into consideration is that it currently has a market cap of over $42,000,000. It is expected to rise once they hit a major exchange. The trend has begun to change in the past couple of days. NLC2 has not hit top major exchanges so there is a high tendency of it increasing its market cap and jump dramatically. It has recently released its new User Interface and has a new working product. It even has a strong community of professionals behind it. The big marketing plans are not yet fully implemented which makes us believe that it has a long way to go.


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PIVX stands for Private Verified Instant Transaction. Just like other Altcoins, this has been on a downtrend as well. It is another coin that is highly undervalued. It has been anticipated by relevant authorities that PIVX could go on an upward trending run. After analyzing and evaluating the coin charts, this statement can be successfully supported.

PIVX is a privacy coin. Other privacy coins like Monero and Dash are doing perfectly in the market right now. This makes PIVX a reliable one as well. It doesn’t rely on miners and rewards through Proof of Stake. It currently has a market cap of $153 million and has a lot more potential.

There is a difference between Bitcoin and PIVX. It is a true privacy coin. After an implementation of protocol named Zercoin, the blockchain level is completely anonymous making it more secure. Furthermore, it is currently considered by Binance to be added to their exchange which would have direct positive impact on their price.


There are multitudes of Altcoins available now. The coin charts are clearly indicative of their success in the market. These two coins are undervalued and here were the reasons of why they should be looked upon. Since they hold immense amount of potential, it is important for investors to look over these Altcoins in detail and the prospects it holds.

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