How to get started with Bitcoin mining?

How to get started with Bitcoin mining?
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Bitcoin is continually influencing the economics of the whole world. The concept of digital currency is prevailing at a rapid pace. This has made enthusiasts of cryptography more eager to make investments into this relatively new trend.

This article will guide you over several aspects of Bitcoin. In a nutshell, it will tell you how to get started with the Bitcoin mining.

How Bitcoin mining works?

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It is really essential to know what actually Bitcoin mining is before starting the actual process. It is absolutely legal in most of the jurisdictions which is acquired by directing SHA256 hash verification process in order to authorize Bitcoin transactions and provide necessary protection for public ledger of the network. The speed of mining is calculated in hashes per second.

The network reimburses the miners with Bitcoins who worked on the computational equation. You get the share of reward depending on your contribution of computational power.

Start off with Bitcoin mining

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The first thing you need to acquire is a Bitcoin mining hardware. It is now not possible to mine only with a high speed computer. Now you need custom Bitcoin ASIC chips which have enhanced performance and continued to dominate the industry.

You can also purchase Bitcoin cloud mining contracts. This is a simplification of process but you are not under the control of actual hardware which increases the risk. Here are some of the scrypt cloud mining providers listed:

  • Hashflare
  • Genesis mining
  • Minex
  • Hashnest
  • Eobot

Nevertheless, once you have acquired the relevant hardware, you need to download special software used for Bitcoin mining. The two most popular programs are BFGminer and CGminer. These are command line programs. After that, join a Bitcoin mining pool. These are groups of miners which work together to solve a block and share the rewards. Solo Bitcoin mining is not recommendable at all.

The next step is setting up a Bitcoin wallet or use an existing one receive the Bitcoins you mine. Bitcoins are send to your wallet by using a distinct address that only belongs to you. You must secure it from potential threats. These wallets can be accessed by downloading a software client on your computer. You must choose a reliable wallet. Hardware wallets are also available so make your decision wisely.


You don’t want to get into trouble. No one wants to get into the legal technicalities as a result of using Bitcoin. However, as a general perspective, Bitcoins are legal in most of the jurisdictions. But there are very few countries that have regulated its usage in some manner. Either they are wholly illegal or there are partial restrictions imposed on its usage. This is it makes it necessary for us to double check its legal status before begin to mine.


Digital currencies are at its peak. Many enthusiasts have now figured out the potential in it and started investing in it. But just like other investments, you need to avoid an impulsive approach and dedicate some time to it.

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