Cryptocurrency projects

Cryptocurrency projects
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A massive amount of investment has been made into the crypto markets. Since the start of this year, it has been evident that the cryptocurrency market is at its rise. Bitcoins and altcoins now have a direct correlation. Among the thousands of project, a lot have been striving for success. In our opinion, there are three projects which are thought have potential to revolutionize the industry largely in future.


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Developers are allowed through this platform to roll out smart agreements and decentralized applications. You will realize that this platform is comparable with Ehtereum which is technology that is continually developing overtime. This leads to a technology which is stuck in an alpha phase. However, this continuous process of modification do frighten the developers despite of massive potential for innovation. The code you have written 6 months before might be invalid now. It becomes very difficult to keep up to date with the latest developments on Ethereum. In order to tackle this situation, Ubiq has brought a solution by being an enterprise-ready build of the Ethereum Blockchain. This makes it more stable and firm.

The community behind Ubiq’s project is essentially very strong. There are a lot of individuals who are very experienced in this field. However the platform is not so unique. It is based on the idea of Ethereum. The main idea is to create a more stable platform.

MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

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MAID is not a new project. However it has still made considerable progress. It introduced a new concept named Proof of Resource. This concept has taken the following factors into account:

  • Storage space
  • CPU
  • Bandwidth
  • Online time

MAID has diversified the ownership of network as much as possible by implementing a more dynamic resource usage algorithm. This makes the network more resistant against attacks from users owning many nodes. MAID uses a more centralized network which spreads the connection more equally.


Golem network is one of the most strengthened ideas amongst hundreds of crypto projects. This clearly explains why big investors are interested in this project. The basic idea of Golem is founded on renting resources. Every individual with a computer can rent CPU space on their laptop to the network. The resources can be utilized by other users as well for hosting. This makes it very similar to centralized cloud provider but the main distinction is its decentralized aspect.

Everyone in need of extra computing power can utilize this platform. It is highly flexible in terms that it offers tools for developers to monetize and deploy their software. Golem is essentially a marketplace to rent computing power. It offers an easy and simple way to utilize the platform and monetize and distribute the software. Developers are able to modify the payment system to produce distinct mechanisms for their own software. It has the room to become a small scale web service provider. There has been discerned a possibility that the scientific world in future might adopt Golem as their platform.

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