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About BitGive

BitGive was established in 2013 by driving industry figure Connie Gallippi. Situated in California, BitGive is the primary Bitcoin 501(c)(3) charitable organization perceived by the US government. The association expects to overcome any issues between the Bitcoin and Blockchain industry and its practical applications for compassionate and philanthropic work. BitGive encourages the fundraising for charitable donations utilizing bitcoin and stays devoted to utilizing the present cutting-edge financial technologies for social great. The first of its kind, BitGive is altering worldwide altruism through innovation with its leader venture, GiveTrack. The association has built up solid organizations and raised assets with noticeable not-for-profits that incorporate Save the Children, The Water Project, TECHO, and Medic Mobile.

Bitcoin Nonprofit BITGIVE Launches GiveTrack Beta at Money2020

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The non-profit organization announced recently that the beta version of its donation tracking platform, GiveTrack, is officially live. This platform has brought about unprecedented transparency in the process of donation allowing donors to transfer, track and provide permanent record of route of global financial transactions from foundation to endpoint. It has also provided individual donors with direct evidence-based outcomes for their donations emancipating them to give more. At the Money2020 Conference in Las Vegas which is the world’s largest payments and financial services innovation event, the GiveTrack Beta will be revealed.

The founder of BitGive is delighted on behalf of the company to reveal the working version of GiveTrack after investment of months-long hard work. It will give donors greater opportunities to engage with the company’s core mission to benefit out of the power of bitcoin and Blockchain technology for an improvement in public health and environment all over the world. The company is using the benefits these modern technologies tend to offer like unprecedented transparency and security which will absolutely transform the donation process. It will also enable to build better trust between charitable organizations by knowing how their funds are impacting. The company has tried to open more pathways to better social works.

An unprecedented level of clarity will be brought in the donation to deployment phases of allocation funds through Blockchain. Donors will be able to trace the path of their donations which enhances transparency in the process.

GiveTrack will also be working on two new projects with their non-profit partners, Medic Mobile and The Water Project. These projects will open more doors to opportunities in relation to donations.

BitGive was founded in 2013 and since its inception, it has collaborated with international relief efforts and local charities to create a better community in general. The global charitable campaigns are carried out to encourage charitable donations via bitcoin. There is a whole team that has been in constant support of this company and the cause in general.

Given the priority of this company, technology has been continually infused in its operation. BitGive tend to enhance their charitable operations through latest technologies like Blockchain not only to facilitate their own employees in different aspects but to facilitate their donors as well in maximum possible way.

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